Key latest news & developments in Belgium and international tax 

by Advisius lawyers, International and Belgian tax specialists

  • Seminar, 4 February 2021: Déduction fiscale des frais

    Seminar Infotopics, online

    Laurent Donnay de Casteau – Nawel Benaisa (Direct tax)

    Lionel Wellekens (VAT)

  • Seminar, IFA Belgium, Taxe sur les comptes-titres : d’une annulation par la Cour constitutionnelle à l’introduction d’une nouvelle mouture

    Seminar International Fiscal Association (Belgium), online, 26 January 2021

    Laurent Donnay de Casteau (Advisius)

    With Rodolphe de Pierpont and Clio Célis (Febelfin)

  • Seminar, 19 November 2020 (afternoon): TVA et mouvements de biens intracommunautaires – Quick fixes et revue de cas pratiques

    Seminar Infotopics, Live Webinar

    Quick fixes

  • Seminar, 19 November 2020 (morning): E-commerce – nouvelles règles en matière de TVA et de douane

    Seminar Infotopics, Live Webinar


  • Seminar, 22 October 2020, Brexit impact pour votre société en matière de taxes indirectes?

    Seminar Infotopics, Live Webinar


  • Brexit Indirect taxes consequences and assessment tool

    Implementation of Brexit at tax level. Evaluate with our assesment tool

    As from 1 January 2021, EU legislation is not applicable to the UK anymore. Complete our Brexit Assessment questionnaire (⇒ here) to assess to which extent your company is impacted, to see what it means for your company from an indirect taxes perspective and get our complimentary feedback on how you can adapt.